Who are we?

KTFC Community (CIC) is a community interest company focused on providing everyone in the Northamptonshire area with the chance to participate in a wide variety of sport based activities.


What is a Community Interest Company (CIC)?

Community Interest Companies (CIC) are not for profit organisations who aim to make a difference in the community they operate in.  We plan on re-investing all profit made back into the scheme, making more sessions available to more people.


Why are we doing this?

KTFC Community CIC want to make a difference in the Northampton region, making more sports and activities available to as many people as possible, regarless of an individual's background or ability. 


What is our connection with Kettering Town Football Club?

We work hand in hand with our friends at Kettering Town Football Club and are being supported with access to their facilities, coaches and so much more.


Who are our coaches?

All of our coaches have been carefully vetted and are fully qualified for the sessions they will be controlling.  Click here for more information.


How can you help?

There are so many ways that you can help us.  To be successful we need people to know about our sessions, so spreading the word will be a great help.  But if you have more time available and would like to get involved on a more formal basis then please contact us and we'll see what we can do.


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